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Finishing the Program and Continuing On Day by Day by Day by Day

"Oh! Turkeys!" Bruce, one of our facilitators suddenly exclaimed in the beginning of his presentation on our final weekend of the Contemplative Formation program  at Mariandale. We were on the ground floor, and the windows looked out on an area where the ground was actually higher than our floor, so we had a clear view of the three turkeys that appeared just outside the window. "Oh my!" he exclaimed, as two of the turkeys suddenly felt in the mood for propagation. It was a comedic highlight of the last three days we would all spend together.

I have been putting off this final blog about the Contemplative Formation program, because I wasn't sure what I wanted to say. I have just had lunch with my friend Mary Ann, and I think she helped me with a few perceptive questions.

When I said that the program had been life-changing, she asked me in what way, as she felt I had been very contemplative for years. I think that I've been unaware of this, actually. I admit…

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