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Sweet Gifts on the Journey

I went to the latest small group meeting for the Contemplative Formation program at Mariandale feeling that I had little to say. Each month when we don't have a weekend gathering of the whole group, five of us meet with our facilitator (Janet for our group) for a couple of hours. The meetings have proved exceptionally helpful in my making progress along this pilgrimage to a contemplative life.

We tell stories of what's been going on in our spiritual lives since the last meeting. We speak in turn listening carefully to what our pilgrim-comrades say. After everyone has spoken, we each share what was particularly relevant and meaningful to us in what we heard the others say. This is all done in a quiet, prayerful way. It's amazing to me how far each of us has traveled along this path, and while our journeys are separate, they provide insight and guidance for each other as well. A real fondness for and closeness with each other has grown among us.

The last couple of meetings …

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